Midterm 2021

Friday, the 5th of November will remain a day worth remembering. 

It is UPS’s first festive event in 1.5 years, where the restrictions have been lifted and all pol.kandare can gather under the same roof, to celebrate that the exam period is over and that the half semester is completed. We are all in Stockholm’s nation’s premises and this year’s theme for the Midterm party is ​​Tarantino. Great job with the dress up everyone and big congrats to Sara, the bloody, pregnant bride who was named the best costume.

The event begins with mingling before everyone takes a seat in the beautiful dining area, where the welcome speech is held by the amazing toastmasters Kristina and Mariam. 

Throughout the evening we all are greatly entertained by a beautiful choir singing by Polcapella, a comical spex and a performance by Pol.bandet who gets everyone excited. And let’s not forget about the icing on the cake, we pol.kandare got to party on the eftersläpp and enjoy a fantastic dance floor.

It was truly a great event where we all got to celebrate and have fun together. Big thanks to EKEN and everyone involved in the executive.

Until next time!

Half time

Half time! The first semester of the academic year 2020/2021 has passed and so has the first half of the term of office for the UPS Board and the UPS financial year. A semester that of course was largely characterized by covid-19, but also by new meetings, dear reunions and zoom engagement. To give all of you members an insight into what has been going on both in various zoom rooms and initially the “real” world, here is a small summary.


One week before the start of the semester, the usual UPS welcoming week started, and what a success it was! UPS received more new students than ever during the welcoming week with the theme “back to reality” and despite the distance kept between the teams, the atmosphere and the enthusiasm were impossible to miss. Thanks to all the friendly new students, buddies, chief buddies and of course our fantastic generals Alva, Elsa, Tove and Sara who made the week possible. The Master’s committee also arranged a welcoming week for the newly admitted master’s students and we were also extra happy to receive 32 exchange students for UPS.


Once the semester started, UPS also started its regular operations. The seminar rooms at Gamla Torget were (responsibly) filled during the committees’ start-up meetings, the Sports and Activity Committee broke records in the number of activities during a week with the hike, start up-meeting, football training, and buddy – reccematch, and Polmagasinet handed out its first issue already during the welcoming week! New or previously less active groups also started up after the summer – UPS ‘own choir PolCapella and our beloved equality officials resumed the spring’s important initiative to start their activity group. We even managed to arrange a gasque in a customized format and for an evening enjoy the UPS ‘own band and spex-group!


On October 20, the UPS board decided to suspend all physical activities for the time being and only conduct online activities – a very difficult decision, of course, but which was considered necessary in view of the new restrictions. At present, the association’s activities are covered by the so-called “covid-19 law”, which limits participants to physical activity to 8 people in association or university premises, and the association follows developments closely. However, this has not prevented us from arranging activities. The Contact Committee and Committee of Education arranged a popular zoom election night watch party for the american election and later hosted the popular “på-spåret” quiz and this year’s digital “Networking Day” arranged by Networking Day’s project group.


Our dear Polriks representative Vera von Otter has also represented UPS in the umbrella organization for all bachelor degree programs in political science – Polriks that during the semester has put together two very interesting lectures. The Radio Committee “late lunch with pk” has made sure to keep us updated on the latest domestic political events, the Communication and Marketing Committee has equipped us with the iconic UPS pullover, the Event and Culture Committee has helped us get the Christmas spirit through their Advent calendar and UPS collected 11 800 SEK for the “Musikhjälpen”. 


A lot of work has also been done within the organization. The Department of Political Science has for some time been dealing with a financial deficit, against which the so-called “future group” has submitted proposals for action. UPS has been represented on the department board by the Committee of Education and, together with the Uppsala Student Union, has pressed for the solution that benefits our members the most. As the situation looks now, it will mean changes in the course political science A’s seminar structure and perhaps some other changes to the A-course which will be noticed during the next autumn term.


Within the board, work has also taken place on UPS’s structure and organization, which has resulted in work on an alcohol and drug policy that will be presented at the annual meeting. A project group focusing on sponsorship issues has also begun its work with the aim of structuring how the association works with sponsors in the future. On October 25, UPS also held its first digital extra membership meeting and filled all of the association’s vacancies! I do not think we could have gotten a better response to that the association’s work is appreciated and is important for our members. A big THANK YOU to everyone who gets involved in the association and who helps us other members to create the best possible study time!


So what happens now? Of course, this year of activity has not been what either of UPS’s trustees or members expected – we are in a crisis in the way that our primary operations – arranging activities where our members can meet and get to know their fellow students, is not possible to conduct in the way as it has been before. BUT that does not mean that we do not do everything in our power to find new ways to do just that. This week, UPS launched its discord – a new opportunity to communicate with other members and hopefully get to know someone new. The general application and planning for the welcoming week 2021 has begun, the committees have planned for zoom yoga, zoom quiz, exciting lectures and much more! In addition, preparations have already begun for the UPS annual meeting to be held in May, where a new board and new elected representatives will be elected. When the conditions make it possible to meet again physically, we will be the first to make it happen!


I would like to end with a call to seize the opportunities that actually exist to participate in activities – remember that UPS exists for the sake of its members and how important social activities are for our mental health! 


Hoping that we can soon see each other outside the zoom rooms,

Your President, Hanna Persson

Inspark 2020!

WOW what an inspark, the amazing faddrar and above all what reccar !! We started the week with a total zoom crash but why bother, the pepp was sky high and not even technical trouble could ruin it. After the team got to hang out and we did the reccedans à la social distancing, there was a barbecue within the team. The next day it was time to solve the Palme murder and all teams managed to figure out that it was Carl von Linné himself who was behind it. In the evening, the reccar were introduced to the heart of Uppsala’s student life, namely the nations with a fun pub night. On Friday, it was time for the committees to present themselves, which they did with different activities around our fine student city. On the last day, it was finally time for the highlight of the week, namely the general activity. Despite rain and debris, the team performed like never before and took the opportunity to collect points. In the evening, it was one last hang with the team before the university studies really started. During September, there has been both moviemaking, music quizzes and a wonderful hangout in the eco-park, which finally ended with a fantastic gasque. You sponsors and reccar are absolutely incredible and have made this the most fun kick in the world and exceeded all expectations that have ever existed. We hope that it has been a good start for all of you in the bachelor’s degree and that we will see each other around Uppsala in the future! Warm greetings, Your generals Elsa, Alva, Tove and Sara

Studytrip to Georgia!

During the autumn study trip with the Contact Committee, we went to Georgia. In November, a group of UPS students spent a short week in the capital Tbilisi to learn about the political situation in the country and learn about Georgian culture. Here’s what we found:

Day 1
With a few hours of sleep in the body, after a long flight, we started our first day in Tbilisi with a study visit. After strolling through the steep cobblestone streets in the autumn sun, among Soviet boast buildings and friendly street dogs, we reached the organization Transparency International. There, we learned about Georgia as a pioneer in the region on issues such as corruption and democracy, and got a clearer picture of the country’s political situation.
After a lunch in the sun, the day continued with another study visit. This would be one of the most memorable visits to the trip. Thanks to contact with a former Georgian Uppsala student, we got to meet a minister from a shadow government for one of the Georgian outbreak regions of Abkhazia. The local TV channel was present and interviewed some brave members of the travel company.

Then followed two hours of the minister’s stories about Georgian culture, incomprehensible jokes about how expensive Norway is and happy appeals to Georgian from an expert on human rights. Happy but tired we went on to one of the fantastic food group selected Georgian restaurant. There, our first real meeting with the Georgian food culture took place. Natural wines, Georgian dumplings and other delicacies filled our stomachs. After that the bed hung up and an eventful first day went to its end.

Day 2
The second day in Georgia began with a study visit to the Swedish Embassy. The meeting was very educational and gave a different perspective on the conflict with Russia. We also received information about the current parliamentary situation and the background to the demonstrations that have taken place in Tbilisi in recent months.

In the evening, dinner was approached with Levan, a Georgian businessman who is close friend of Henning’s father. Our host really took the opportunity to make the truth of the mythical Georgian hospitality. As we stepped into the intimate restaurant located on the edge of the Kura River, within walking distance of our hotel, we were met by a world-wide view. A long table was prepared, with a sandwich table of traditional Georgian home cooking, rows of decanters with the world-famous Georgian Qvevri wine and several waiters, ready to serve us the colorful and inviting food. The dishes were of great variety, and the offerings ranged from yogurt sauces and cheese knots to chicken stew, grilled vegetables and everyone’s favorite dish on the whole trip, the grilled trout with pomegranate sauce. At the end of the table sat a tall man, with shirt, vest and a warm smile on his lips. Levan welcomed us to the best imaginable start of the trip, and for hours we watched as tonight’s “tamada” (cf. toastmaster) and talked about family, friends and other things of great importance in Georgian culture.

Day 3
Day three was an intense day. In the morning we visited the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus, a newly started organization working to spread liberal values ​​in the country, similar to a think tank. After a quick lunch, the group later moved on to the EUMM headquarters in the city. There we met the two Swedes who, via the Folke Bernadotte Academy, are posted in Georgia. The purpose of their work is to work to ensure peace in the area. In the evening, the party-goers in the group experienced Georgian culture by visiting the mythical techno club Bassiani.

Day 4
The day began with a much needed rest. One of the city’s famous spas invited hot sulfite-rich baths. Two masseurs scrubbed each bather carefully according to Georgian tradition. After a relaxing morning followed an afternoon of free play. A gang went out to the outskirts of the city to visit Stalin’s underground map room, in which his old printing press stood and collected dust. More than a hundred years ago, propaganda magazines were printed in secret with calls for revolution, which then spread among the citizens. After the visits, the group took up one of the many mountain peaks surrounding Tbilisi, using the city’s swaying cable car. There, the view was enjoyed before the entire tour company met for dinner followed by a return trip.

Day 5
The last day of the trip meant that the group set out from the capital to experience some of the Georgian nature and a full day trip up the Caucasus was a fantastic natural experience. The tour began with stops at Georgian castles, churches and magical vantage points. On the way home, a hungry bunch of us stopped for lunch it was served with grilled food with the long-awaited sun on our faces and the Caucasus mighty mountain peaks in the background. Back in Tbilisi, the day and the tour ended with dinner and wine tasting of traditional Georgian wines. The group agrees that the Georgian food culture is a very underrated one.

Day 6
After almost a week in this colorful country, the group woke up early in the morning to move back to Uppsala. The travel company was, in parallel with an understandable exhaustion after the previous days’ adventures, characterized by a collective sense of happiness.

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Networking day!

UPS Networking Day 2019! On December 2, UPS networking day was launched for the first time. The project group of five people was appointed at the initiative of the Contact Committee and planned the event during most of the autumn term.

The idea was to organize a purely career fair from the start, but when the project team met continuously at planning meetings, the vision for what UPS Networking Day was going to broaden was meant. The final result for UPS Networking Day 2019, became a career fair with an overall theme; “Climate, Migration and Conflict.”

At the Career Fair, students in the various social sciences were given the opportunity to interact with the potential future workplaces VETA Advisor, Prime, FOI and Fores, and the trade unions Akademikerförbundet SSR, ST and Vision.

The theme was expressed through two educational lectures in the Ostromsalen. Initially, Anna Hammargren, the Swedish ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa, discussed different patterns of conflict in the MENA region, their connection to migration and the future development of the conflict situation.

Next, Jakop Dalunde, a politician with experience as a European Parliamentarian for the Environment Party, lectured the Greens with special knowledge in climate and environmental issues, about the EU’s climate policy and how the Union can develop to meet the challenges we face.

But we didn’t settle for that. After two rewarding lectures, the main issue followed, a panel discussion on the topic of Climate Induced Migration, where Dominque Lim was the moderator. The participants were Per Karlsson, b.d. Head of Development Cooperation Somalia, Swedish Embassy, ​​Niga Hamasor, partner and consultant at VETA Advisor, Elin Jakobsson, researchers in the areas of climate-related migration, international migration regimes and global policy-making, and Jakop Dalunde.

The project team handled all logistics and had regular email contact with company representatives, lecturers, panelists, sponsors and program coordinator Marie Nylund. It was a fun and educational mission and despite the fact that we encountered some obstacles along the way, we were proud of the result.

It is also in its place to give the Communications and Marketing Committee (KoMa) praise for their ambitious work on the project’s marketing and development of logos. It is thanks to this collaboration that so many people participated in the lectures, the panel discussion and the career fair.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and hope that UPS Networking Day will be a recurring part of the association’s activities, we can attest that it was a great experience!

UPS moneybox for Musikhjälpen!

Have you completely missed UPS’s own moneybag in favor of music help? Do not fear! You can find the link to the collection by clicking here. You can also scan the QR code at the bottom of this post!

This year’s theme is “sex is not a weapon”. Sexual violence exists in wars and conflicts around the world. People of all ages are subjected to rape, sexual torture and forced into prostitution and forced marriage. Contributions to the Music Aid can include physical and mental health care for survivors, help run legal processes and opportunities for education to avoid a future in poverty and vulnerability.

For several years, UPS has had its own events to support “Musikhjälpen” for the benefit of the students and this year we plan to make this even bigger and more fun than previous years! For UPS, this year’s theme is incredibly important and we hope to be able to best promote “Musikhjälpen” and raise as much money as possible for this purpose.

More information about the events to come!

The annual Midterm party!

This years halloween party has finally taken place, and it was a really successful evening! We thank Eken for the wonderful job they did planning the event and ÖG nation for hosting us!

Here are some pics from the evening, but you can find all of them here!

Photocredit to Klara Danielsson and Frida Pamliden.

If you want a picture removed from this site, please send an e-mail to webb@uppsalapolitices.se

PolRiks annual election meeting!

This Saturday, the 16th of November, a group of students from Uppsala Politicesstuderande went to Umeå for PolRik’s annual general meeting, where a new presidency was elected! PolRiks is the national organization for political science students in Sweden and the new board looks forward to a year with exciting challenges and opportunities.

It was great fun to meet political science students from all over Sweden and we look forward to more opportunities to get together!

POLRIKS is looking for a new board!

Do you want to join and work for Pol.kand students’ interests at a national level? Apply to PolRik’s Bureau! The items to be added at the annual general meeting in Umeå on November 16 are as follows:

Vice Chairman
Auditors (2st)
Election Committee (3st)

If you want to know more about the different posts, click here to see what the previous board thought about it!

The nomination committee wants you to tell us briefly about yourself, why you are applying for this post and why you just fit in this post, and send it to johanerikssonhv@gmail.com. You can apply even if you are unable to attend the annual general meeting in Umeå, but please follow along!

If you have questions about PolRik’s work, just contact polriks@gmail.com or write to us on Instagram or Facebook or ordforande@uppsalapolitices.se!