UPS stands for Uppsala Politicesstuderande, “Uppsala Political Science Students’ Association”. It is the program association for both Bachelor and Masters Students in political science. The association has around 400 members. The association was created in 1995 with two goals: firstly to give all members the best possible education and secondly to build social relationships between the students.

As a member of UPS you have a unique possibility to influence your education in some of the finest programs in Sweden. You will get the opportunity to make friends and build external networks with potential employers. You will develop your language skills through contact with international students in various events. Furthermore, a membership in UPS will provide you with the chance to take well-deserved breaks from studying by having a good time at the most exciting parties in Uppsala and playing sports and games with fellow members.

More specifically, UPS arranges activities with, by and for its members. These include: a program wide introductory week in the beginning of each year, sexas, gasques, competitions between the classes, pubcrawls, opera visits, crayfish parties, rafting in the Fyris river, study visits, ski trips, lectures and much, much, more…

You can read the statue of Uppsala Politicesstuderande here!

Mailing address: Uppsala Politicesstuderande Box 514,
c/o Statsvetenskapliga institutionen 751 20 Uppsala