Freestanding Positions

Band Offical

The band official is responsible for the band of the association, Politices bandidat. The band
official is charged with recruiting band members and leading the rehearsals.

Photography Official

The position of photography official is the person in charge of the association’s photographic needs. In practice, this means the photography official participates and documents events and activities organized by the association.

The Introduction Generals

The introduction generals are elected before the annual introductory week of both the Bachelor and Master programs of political science. The four officials are elected by the board after a proposal from the previous introduction generals.

The Equality Officials

The equality officials (Jäma) are responsible for informing the members of the association about equality issues. They also act as contact persons for members who have been discriminated, harassed or in any way ill-treated within the association. In addition, Jäma are advisors to the board in equality matters, and are extra responsible for ensuring that the elected representatives of the association comply with the equality policy. If you have been treated badly in UPS, feel free to contact Jäma and tell us about your experiences. Here you can contact Jäma anonymously.

Choir Official

The choir official is responsible for the choir of the association, Polcapella. The choir official
is charged with recruiting singers and leading the rehearsals.


The task of the PolRiks-representative is to represent the association’s interests in Politices
Riksorganisation, PolRiks. PolRiks is a national umbrella organization for Sweden’s political
students, aiming at creating a sense of community among the member associations and
improving the affiliates’ finances and possibilites. The PolRiks-representative of UPS is a
member of the board of PolRiks and is an important link between UPS and PolRiks.

Recentior Representative

For every semester a recentior (lt. “newer”, new student) representative shall be appointed. The recentior representative shall represent the recentiors of the association in the board.

Theatre Official

The theatre official is responsible for the entertainment during dinners and events arranged by
the association. More specifically, the theatre official coordinates a sort of theatre group that
performs something called a “spex”. A spex is a kind of humoristic theatre, and the art of
performing spex-shows is an old Swedish student tradition. In UPS the spex-shows are often
performed on rhyme.

The Election Committee

The task of the election committee is to attract as much attention as possible to elections of the associations different positions. The election committee is appointed six weeks before the annual meeting or the member’s meeting. Information concerning candidates for the election committee is sent out in a timely fashion after the start of each semester.