WOW what an inspark, the amazing faddrar and above all what reccar !! We started the week with a total zoom crash but why bother, the pepp was sky high and not even technical trouble could ruin it. After the team got to hang out and we did the reccedans √† la social distancing, there was a barbecue within the team. The next day it was time to solve the Palme murder and all teams managed to figure out that it was Carl von Linn√© himself who was behind it. In the evening, the reccar were introduced to the heart of Uppsala’s student life, namely the nations with a fun pub night. On Friday, it was time for the committees to present themselves, which they did with different activities around our fine student city. On the last day, it was finally time for the highlight of the week, namely the general activity. Despite rain and debris, the team performed like never before and took the opportunity to collect points. In the evening, it was one last hang with the team before the university studies really started. During September, there has been both moviemaking, music quizzes and a wonderful hangout in the eco-park, which finally ended with a fantastic gasque. You sponsors and reccar are absolutely incredible and have made this the most fun kick in the world and exceeded all expectations that have ever existed. We hope that it has been a good start for all of you in the bachelor’s degree and that we will see each other around Uppsala in the future! Warm greetings, Your generals Elsa, Alva, Tove and Sara

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