UPS Networking Day 2019! On December 2, UPS networking day was launched for the first time. The project group of five people was appointed at the initiative of the Contact Committee and planned the event during most of the autumn term.

The idea was to organize a purely career fair from the start, but when the project team met continuously at planning meetings, the vision for what UPS Networking Day was going to broaden was meant. The final result for UPS Networking Day 2019, became a career fair with an overall theme; “Climate, Migration and Conflict.”

At the Career Fair, students in the various social sciences were given the opportunity to interact with the potential future workplaces VETA Advisor, Prime, FOI and Fores, and the trade unions Akademikerförbundet SSR, ST and Vision.

The theme was expressed through two educational lectures in the Ostromsalen. Initially, Anna Hammargren, the Swedish ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa, discussed different patterns of conflict in the MENA region, their connection to migration and the future development of the conflict situation.

Next, Jakop Dalunde, a politician with experience as a European Parliamentarian for the Environment Party, lectured the Greens with special knowledge in climate and environmental issues, about the EU’s climate policy and how the Union can develop to meet the challenges we face.

But we didn’t settle for that. After two rewarding lectures, the main issue followed, a panel discussion on the topic of Climate Induced Migration, where Dominque Lim was the moderator. The participants were Per Karlsson, b.d. Head of Development Cooperation Somalia, Swedish Embassy, ​​Niga Hamasor, partner and consultant at VETA Advisor, Elin Jakobsson, researchers in the areas of climate-related migration, international migration regimes and global policy-making, and Jakop Dalunde.

The project team handled all logistics and had regular email contact with company representatives, lecturers, panelists, sponsors and program coordinator Marie Nylund. It was a fun and educational mission and despite the fact that we encountered some obstacles along the way, we were proud of the result.

It is also in its place to give the Communications and Marketing Committee (KoMa) praise for their ambitious work on the project’s marketing and development of logos. It is thanks to this collaboration that so many people participated in the lectures, the panel discussion and the career fair.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and hope that UPS Networking Day will be a recurring part of the association’s activities, we can attest that it was a great experience!

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