Thank you for the UPS-day!

On Sunday, 8/9, the annual UPS Day took place, which is a kind of fair where all the committees of the association are represented. There was great interest in the event and during the day the notorious election for the association’s recentior representative was also organized. It was great to see that so many people showed interest in the post. The person who finally won the election was Elias Norin, congratulations to you! During the year, he will attend UPS board meetings and act as the freshmen’s voice outward.

Do not despair if you ran for office but did not win the election, as there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved in the association. The various committees’ start-up meetings is taking place during this and next week, which means that the event planning for the autumn has kick-offed. Even if you missed the start-up meeting for the particular committee you are interested in, you are warmly welcome to get in touch and sign on afterwards. Contact information for the respective committees can be found under the heading “Association”> “Committees”.

This Saturday (14/9) our eminent Event and Culture Committee (EKen) is organizing an event at Uppsala Culture Night. At 6pm, those who are interested will meet at Saluhallen, and from there walk together to various events that are arranged around the city centre and then finish off with socializing on a nationpub. No pre-registration is required. Hope to see you there!

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