Have you completely missed UPS’s own moneybag in favor of music help? Do not fear! You can find the link to the collection by clicking here. You can also scan the QR code at the bottom of this post!

This year’s theme is “sex is not a weapon”. Sexual violence exists in wars and conflicts around the world. People of all ages are subjected to rape, sexual torture and forced into prostitution and forced marriage. Contributions to the Music Aid can include physical and mental health care for survivors, help run legal processes and opportunities for education to avoid a future in poverty and vulnerability.

For several years, UPS has had its own events to support “Musikhjälpen” for the benefit of the students and this year we plan to make this even bigger and more fun than previous years! For UPS, this year’s theme is incredibly important and we hope to be able to best promote “Musikhjälpen” and raise as much money as possible for this purpose.

More information about the events to come!

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