Welcome to Uppsala and the Degree of Bachelor in Political Science at Uppsala University. The new semester is approaching fast and we are looking forward to meeting you all!

It can feel scary to arrive in Uppsala as a new student, there are many new and exciting things happening all at once in a foreign city. Uppsala is a large and unique student city that usually requires some prior knowledge to get around. To help you newly arrived, Uppsala Politices Students (UPS) organizes welcome days as a chance to get to know those you will study together with as well as swedish students and the fantastic city of Uppsala! More information about the welcome week can be found in an email sent out together with the acceptance letter.

We have thought out some valuable tips before the semester begins!

Meal-prepping is a hot tip! To make it easier for you, cold lunch boxes are recommended during the kick-off week and during your first days of the semester. We also recommend grocery-shopping at stores such as Ica Väst and Willys to save some extra money. Becoming a “plus-customer” is a good idea!

Uppsala is a city known for bicycles as the major transportation-vehicle and it is the most convenient and economical way to get around the city. Buy a used one on sites such as www.blocket.se or in a bike shop.

Make sure to join a Nation, or multiple! The opportunity will be given during the first day of the kick-off week to obtain a national card, but we recommend getting it even earlier to avoid any queues. Uppsala’s nations has an endless variety of things to offer and get involved in. More information about the different nations can be found here: https://www.uu.se/en/admissions/study-and-live-in-uppsala/the_student_nations/

And lastly, we encourage you to attend the kick-off later in August: it is a lot of fun and much appreciated by both new students and second year students who participates. Also, don’t forget to attend the events organized by Uppsala Politices Student organization (UPS) during the first few weeks of the semester, it is the perfect opportunity to try out and see what feels fun to get involved with.

See you soon!

With love,

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