Become a member of UPS!

Being a member of Uppsala Political Science Students’ Association (UPS) means that you get to take part in all the activities and events that the association arranges, and that you support the continued development of the association. Do you want to attend our gasques (dinners), lectures, contribute to our radio and newspaper publishing or to influence the association’s development at the annual meetings?
Then you should become a member of UPS!

Follow this link:

After submitting the form, you must pay a one-off membership fee for the entire timeperiod. The fee is one of the following amounts:

52 kr for one year

102 kr for two years

152 kr for three years.

Please pay to our Swish at 1232241982 or to our Plusgiro 486 84 74 – 0. Mark the payment with “Member + your name”.
If you have an international account you will have to transfer the fee to our IBAN. The adressant of the payment is Uppsala Politicesstuderande.
IBAN: SE28 9500 0099 6034 4868 4740
BIC-code (SWIFT-address): NDEASESS
Once your personal details and payment have been received, you will receive a confirmation email from the member secretary and you will be a full member of Uppsala’s best student association!

Excerpt from UPS’ statutes:

”4.1 Member of the association is someone who:
Has paid the member fee decided by the UPS board and have submitted a member application to UPS, and is studying at Uppsala University. Further the person must fulfill one of the following requirements:

a) is registered at the political science bachelor or master program,
b) is a programstudent within the programs above who has a study break approved by the Institution of Political Science,
c) is a student who studies free-standing courses within the programs, intermediate courses within the programs, or a course of a subject that can be a major within the programs.

4.2 Exchange student who arrives via, or study by, the political science institution or studies equivalent to 4.1a or 4.1c at their home universities or at Uppsala University.”