Friday, the 5th of November will remain a day worth remembering. 

It is UPS’s first festive event in 1.5 years, where the restrictions have been lifted and all pol.kandare can gather under the same roof, to celebrate that the exam period is over and that the half semester is completed. We are all in Stockholm’s nation’s premises and this year’s theme for the Midterm party is ​​Tarantino. Great job with the dress up everyone and big congrats to Sara, the bloody, pregnant bride who was named the best costume.

The event begins with mingling before everyone takes a seat in the beautiful dining area, where the welcome speech is held by the amazing toastmasters Kristina and Mariam. 

Throughout the evening we all are greatly entertained by a beautiful choir singing by Polcapella, a comical spex and a performance by Pol.bandet who gets everyone excited. And let’s not forget about the icing on the cake, we pol.kandare got to party on the eftersläpp and enjoy a fantastic dance floor.

It was truly a great event where we all got to celebrate and have fun together. Big thanks to EKEN and everyone involved in the executive.

Until next time!



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